Niagara Falls....photo by Sylvia Napoles
Niagara Falls....photo by Sylvia Napoles
Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you with your decision to set up an appointment.

Can I buy a gift certificate for someone?

Yes, once you pay for the desired session and you have submitted your instructions for a gift certificate. I will send you a gift certificate via email for you to give to your friend/family member.
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Do I need to do anything before our phone session?

Just take a few moments to find a comfy place, have a notepad and pen ready for notes, clear your mind, be open to receive any and all messages.If you like you can light a white candle and place it nearby as it can be soothing and help you clear your thoughts. Wait for my call and enjoy the session.
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How long have you been doing readings?

I have been doing readings professionally for 15 years but reading for family and friends much longer.
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Are you a Psychic or Medium?
I am a Psychic/Medium, my gift is seeing, feeling, hearing and at times the sense of smell/taste.
I am not a fortune teller....I don't predict lottery numbers. I give the messages as I receive them....I am the messenger and I give the Glory to God.
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If you have any other questions that are not posted here feel free to contact me.

Via email or call me at 214.701.8589.