Meet Sylvia

  Thank you for visiting my website, I hope to get the opportunity to speak with you soon. 

As a child  I was intuitive.....but didn't understand why I would know some things before they happened. 

I lost "focus" on my gift or was not as "aware" growing into my adulthood until....

I met a wonderful woman who told me how gifted I was and took me under her wing and....she believed in me.   Bennie Calloway, (Apache heritage) was my mentor, friend, mother figure and most of all, my spiritual teacher.   I remember the first time we met and she did a reading for me telling me all sorts of "stuff" that I thought was "crazy".  Little did I realize that what she told me was going to come day, one week, one month and yes one year at a time.

 Bennie would invite me to go with her as she did house clearings and spiritual work; she was a woman of integrity.  She taught me that this was a gift to be honored and to abide by Spirit's rules not ours.  We were to hold our integrity intact when working with the messages to be given to others.   This work that we do is not about "Ego" as it is done with "Honor and Love" for mankind.  We are light workers here to help Spirit and we are to stay true to ourselves.  She told me that one day I would be following in her footsteps.

I know that Bennie is one of my guides, and although I miss her, I know that she is with me when I need her.  When she passed, her daughters gave me her reading cards.  They told me that "their mother would want me to have them".  They have meant so much to me and I honor her with "following in her footsteps" as she predicted.

So, in sharing my story about my teacher Bennie, I hope that it sheds light on who I am as a Psychic/Medium. Integrity is key, that is how I will honor my mentor as I carry her gift in my heart.

  I bring the messages from your loved ones; make connections to those that are no longer here.  My readings are accurate, honest and Spirit-filled.  I also work with Energy Healing, as I will work with clearing / healing emotional issues that have  manifested in physical areas of your body. 

I mentor other Light workers so they can continue on their path with confidence.

Love, Light and Blessings!